Library Staff

  • Sharon Mallow, Director
  • Courtney Samples

Board of Trustees

  • Linda Peterson
  • Diana White
  • Rachel Rader
  • Lucy Godwin
  • Sandy Bower

The Board for the Russell Memorial Public Library generally meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.  Rescheduling due to inclement weather or holidays may occur, contact the library for rescheduled meeting dates.


The Russell Memorial Public Library mission is to satisfy it’s patrons’ recreational and practical interests by the use of both traditional and emerging technologies. The library serves as a learning and educational center for all residents of the community by providing materials and services to help meet their personal, educational and professional needs. Special emphasis is placed on supplying adults with current reading materials, supporting students at all academic levels and on stimulating young children’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning and we take personal interest in ensuring that they are delivered in a welcoming, convenient and responsive manner.